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50 Years a Gambler !!!

 In 2013 Big Jeff made his first Craps table. It sold to a 1st Lt.in the Marine Corps. 2019 marks a banner year for the BJCT Co. with 5 main sizes of tables to offer with a new line coming out this year as well as our first commercial Casino table shipped, the future of the company looks bright and full of opportunity. With tables having been shipped through out the USA and as far as the Middle East and Australia it seems the world of Gamblers have found the joy of rolling the "Bones" on one of Big Jeff's Fabulous tables.

                                                                        "These aren't furniture they are works of art". Pedro Santiago

Dice setters and Card Players

Making hand crafted tables just for you is what I do. Adding a 21 or Poker top insert you'll have two tables in one. That's right ! Your own little Casino. After having searched the internet I think you'll find out and agree with all my customers that Big Jeff's prices are the lowest in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD for a one of a kind hand crafted custom made  in the USA gaming table. Time to join the Big Jeff's Craps Team !!!


I am the only American manufacturer of Custom made to order Game Room Craps Tables. Focusing primarilly on dice setters, system players, and dicing Gamesters through out the United States.  I produce quality custom  man-cave and game room tables for home use and fun. Eastern customers are buying my tables, especially for the winter season when they are trapped for days at home. When you call Big Jeff that's who you talk to, it'll be the best deal you make when you buy one of Big Jeff's Tables for your home. Easy terms and customer service from the Big man himself is what you get when you buy a table from Big Jeff.


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