My shop will be closed for business from June 1 to Sept.1 see you then.

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FLASH NEWS ALERT::: 4 tables on the waiting list right now don't be left out order your's today. 949-636-1487 Time to place your order for your Christmas surprise.

   2019 marked a banner year for the BJCT Co. with orders accepted for 20 tables in January alone and am just now finishing them up.. Because I am a one man shop I have decided to stay a small shop. Accepting only one custom table order at a time as well as having one shop table available plus building a  list of customers, from now on will insure a high quality table for each and every customer. Dreams are worth waiting for and yours will be worth it for you Gamesters out there. I will be taking a three month rest to recharge my body. I already have two custom orders and yours will be number 3. So join the list of satisfied customers rolling the bones on your very own craps table.

                                                                                     "These aren't furniture they are works of art".    

Dice setters and Card Players

Making hand crafted tables one at a time just for you is what I do. Adding a 21 or Poker top insert you'll have two tables in one. That's right ! Your own little Casino. After having searched the internet I think you'll find out and agree with all my customers that Big Jeff's prices are the lowest in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD for a one of a kind hand crafted custom made  in the USA gaming table. Time to join the Big Jeff's Craps Team !!! 


I am the only American manufacturer of Custom made to order Game Room Craps Tables. Focusing only on dice setters, system players, and dicing Gamesters through out the United States.  I produce quality custom  man-cave and game room tables for home use and fun. Eastern customers are buying my tables, especially for the winter season when they are trapped for days at home. When you call Big Jeff that's who you talk to, it'll be the best deal you make when you buy one of Big Jeff's Tables for your home. Easy terms and customer service from the Big man himself is what you get when you buy a table from Big 


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