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Purchase Terms and Conditions of all Purchases

                A signed copy of this document must be on file along with your contract 

                                               before any table is started


1. A deposit will be accepted by BJCT Co. after your acceptance of the contract. Once paperwork has been recorder and a start date established a deposit of $1000.00 will be due at the start of your custom Craps table build. Final payment of the contract is due 3 days before shipment. If a standard shop table is available the total balance of the invoice is due at time of purchase including shipping and handling charges. BJCT Co. accepts payments through Square, PayPal, or your personal check through (USPS ) mail. Mailed payments require 5 days of travel time.

2. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No REFUNDS are offered or will be given after the SIGNED acceptance of the contract by purchaser. Both parties are required to sign date and mail ( USPS ) a copy of the invoice to each other as a condition of the contract. This stipulation is in effect because once the product leaves the physical control of BJCT Co. any damage claims concerning the product become the responsibility of those who handle/transport and accept this shipment. Pictures of the table are provided to establish proof of contract completion before the shipment date.

3. The contract between BJCT Co. and the purchaser is specific to the product offered.

4. Each Craps table is custom built per the purchasers wants and needs. All materials used in the construction of your table can not and will not be used for any other purpose.

5. Each Craps table is manufactured and shipped in NEW condition and meets all requirements and standards of BJCT Co.

6. A 60 day build time applies. All Craps tables are built one at a time to ensure quality of material, finish and assembly.

7. Standard layout designs apply to each build. A $250.00 extra charge applies when a custom felt layout is ordered.

8. The purchaser is REQUIRED  to take pictures of the outside boxing/crating and report any damage at the time of receipt of this product and send them to BJCT Co. via text messaging to 9496361487. Signatures of the consignee and driver are required. Notation on the BOL of any damage is required. If damage is extensive the consignee is required to decline the delivery for return to BJCT Co. for repair only. A second shipping charge applies and is the responsibility of the consignee. Hidden damage of the table after opening the crate must be reported immediately to the logistic company and BJCT Co.. The logistics company may decline the claim and it could take up to six months for a final resolution between the consignee and the logistics company.

9. All insurance payments will be collected by BJCT Co. and used for the repair and or replacement of the original craps table ordered.

10. Because this is a hand made product variations in material, stain, finish may be present. All attempts are made to ensure a high quality dent/scratch free pleasing surface/product. Differences of opinions between the consignee and BJCT Co. might exist over surface appearances , but do not constitute a reason for any claims. 

11. These terms and conditions are set in place to protect the rights of both parties involved in this contract.

12. BJCT Co. products purchased through ETSY are separate from this disclaimer and have their own restrictions.

13. Extra charges apply for the purchase of Craps table top inserts. See the prices page for 

description and charges per size.

14. A crating charge of 100.00 applies to all Craps table purchases.

15. An additional damage insurance charge of 35.00 applies to all Craps table purchases to cover hidden damage discovered after delivery. Most logistics companies will cover damage claims up to $2000.00 on reported damage at time of delivery.

16. BJCT does NOT collect consumer information for sale or any other purpose. If requested BJCT will share your name, address, and phone number and purchase information only with the California Gaming Board. No one else. Any credit card information is processed through a third party "Square, PayPal, Esty, Wells Fargo &Co. ,Google, GoDaddy, A.T.T , Dell Inc. , your credit card carrier and your credit information security depends on their E-Security measures to protect and guard your personal information. Mine too !! Your personal information is held on paper files in a locked metal file cabinet and all info is purged from my computer after one year. This statement meets the new requirements of Calif. Consumer Protection Agency and the California Gaming Board.

17. For your security your credit card information is processed through verbal  phone conversations between you the purchaser, and BJCT Co. Your information is not processed through the internet and only through the encrypted processing terminals of Square. Your Credit card number is recorder on paper and once accepted is then destroyed.

Note: Once the materials for these tables are purchased they cannot be returned or reused. This includes all wood,metal,glass, parts. Hence the NO refunds policy. Know what you are buying before you place your order.

Executive profile: Big Jeff has been involved with the construction industry for over 40 years. He was the owner of a custom home painting company and  construction company before using these experiences to qualify as a woodworking teacher, before embarking on this new Craps Table venture. starting with his first design and continuing on for the last  7 years Big Jeff has been improving the designs of his tables. He is the only one involved in the building of each table. All parts of the tables are hand made by Jeff. Each part is glued, stained, varnished and sanded to perfection by Big Jeff for your ultimate enjoyment. 

BJCT Co. does not endorse or encourage gambling in any form. These Craps tables  are made for personal use to learn the variances and nuances of the game of Craps. And for fun and entertainment of the owner.